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  • To provide awareness the importance of implementing energy audits as part of energy efficiency and conservation exercise.

  • To provide financing assistance to the eligible applicants through grant, as a catalyst for the implementation of energy audit, in order to identify the current energy consumption pattern , and identify the energy savings potential.

  • To provide a platform and facilitation for the implementation of energy saving measures based on the energy audit report outcome.


Optimization Of Air-conditioning System



  • Maintenance of mechanical and electrical scope buildings is intended to ensure that buildings may operate as an agreed upon Service Level Agreement (SLA) such as:
    – To ensure the supply of electricity supplied by TNB (11kV) managed within the building in accordance with guidelines laid down by the authorities.
    – Ensuring equipment such as Domestic Pump, Ventilation System, ACMV is in the best condition for building operations
  • Other scopes include electronic equipment, Boom Gate, CCTV, UPS, Card Access, Audio Visual, Office Automation, and Intercom Calling.


  • Flexi / Hard Containment System

  • Energy Monitoring System

  • Air Cold / Hot Flow System

Business Case and Success Stories:

Data Centres are enormous consumers of energy and are responsible for a big carbon footprint.

  • 50% or more of the energy consumed in a DC is for cooling.
  • FCS focuses on performing extensive advanced analysis and installing airflow management devices and HVAC energy efficiency measures.
  • From our previous projects the saving achieved are between 25% to 45% on energy bills.
  • The FCS is non obstructive, with no downtime and complies with all international and local standards for data centre environments.


BMW Wallbox

Hager Fast Charger

Lolo New Motion


Installation Grill and Door

Installation Power Socker

Installation Plaster Ceiling

Installation Tiles

Installation Light and Fan

Installation & Service Air Cond

Installation Water Heater

Green Building Index Classification

Energy Management Gold Standard

EnMgt System In Place
EnMgt System in Place

• Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
• Motivation plan for the personal involved in the EnMgt system
• Budget allocated for investment in EE measures
• Procument policies and internal investment criteria “EE-friendly

Open Only For 2-star Certified Companies
Open only for 2-star certified companies

Same criteria as for 2-star + Energy Manager must be PEM (not CEM)
• Renewal of 2-star provides 3-star

Same As 1 Star + (either One Of The Following):
Same as 1 star + (either one of the following):

• Overall EEI improves by 5% (over 2 years)
• Overall energy consumption decreases by 5%
• EEI improves by 1% on year-onyear basis over past 3 years
• EE measures representing at least 50% of the total energy saving potential of recommended measures (internal audit) are implemented and achieving at least 1% overall energy savings
• EE measures representing at least 50% of the total energy saving potential of recommended measures (external audit by AEMAS certified auditor and approved by senior AEMAS experts) and achieving less 1% overall energy savings are implemented (include cases where NO EE measures are implemented)
• Fuel-switching project implemented (using NG or RE)
• Projects involving self-generation of electricity implemented
• One RE project implemented


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